Mbind 4 (250 baat)

Mbind 4: (250 baat)

Àpp, Àllarba 10 ci Mars

Theme: Ci way ak waykat.

Situation: You may have known some famous singers and famous songs from different countries. You may have songs and singers you like more than others. Talk about your own relationship with songs and singers you know or appreciate.

Write on: You may talk about the singers and songs you like and your favorite ones. You may include the names of the singers, where they are from, when and where they were born, when the songs were sung, whether or not the singers are the writers of the songs. You may also talk about the idea of the songs, what you think about those songs and singers, the ones that you listen to most of the time. Also, if you have friends or people you know and who like different singers and songs than you, you may talk about that. Add anything you think could be relevant to your text.

NB: à – é – ë – ó – ñ –

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