Fun with the Wolof language

On this page, we will bring some fun with the linguistic and cultural repertoire in Wolof. Two main goals are expected here for the students. First, to use the humor in these tongue-twist-like structures in order to learn more about the language in a manner different from the “seriousness” of class setting. Second, the student can use that linguistic knowledge of these expressions to make sense of certain cultural implications they could have. Well, in any case, the point is to make your visiting this website an enjoyable moment. Jaajëf yaw!

1- Tuñux

Ma tabax tata, tuñux tabax tata. Xawma saa tata jee tax tuñux tabax tata. Xawma tata-y tuñux jee tax ma tabax tata

NB: You also may see other sources where “tuñux” is replaced by “janax” which means “mouse”.


2- Tundu Bukki

Tundu bukki. Tund wëléé ka bari-y bukki. Fukki bukki guddi, fukki bukki bëccëg. Bukki mbëkk bunt, bant bënn bëtam

NB:  Bukki=hyena, mbëkk=to hit (with the head)

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