Spring 2014 Learning in Community (LINC) Service-Learning Courses

Spring semester sections of ENG 315: Learning in Community are online and open for registration. Graduate and advanced undergraduate students wanted for the Project Manager positions.

1. For Students – all majors, all levels—Learning in Community Courses

If you’re interested in real-life projects, service-learning, and gaining valuable teamwork and leadership experience, register for ENG 315-Learning in Community (LINC).  Students in LINC engage in a variety of research, service and fieldwork activities and collaborate on interdisciplinary projects of significance to local and international community partners. In the past, students have built bridges, produced marketing campaigns, improved water systems, developed youth programs, designed rain gardens, and lots more. Students can expect to gain knowledge and skills in conducting research, understanding social and environmental issues, analyzing community and organizational needs and assets, defining problems, generating and analyzing solutions, project scoping, planning, and execution, communication, problem-solving, critical thinking, and professional writing. Don’t miss your opportunity to gain professional experience and make a lasting impact in the community!

Open to all majors and levels (no prerequisites). ENG 315 counts as an elective for the Leadership Studies Minor. To learn more about LINC projects, see linc.illinois.edu and watch the video, “What is LINC?” at http://youtu.be/f7s3aniu_40.


Sections offered for Spring 2014 –

 AP – Allerton Park. Project related to environmental sustainability and education.

BGC – Don Moyer Boys and Girls Club. Projects related to youth programs and community development.

BMP – Bump Nonprofit Design Studio. Projects related to product design for nonprofits.

BTC – Bridge to China. Projects related to international development.

CAD – AON Center for Community Arts and Development. Projects related to youth empowerment, education and arts-based community development.

CAP – Champaign-Urbana Area Project. Projects related to youth development and juvenile delinquency prevention.

CAU – COVE Alliance Uganda. Projects related to international development and education.

CFP – Homer Interpretive Center, Champaign County Forest Preserve. Projects related to museum, education, natural and cultural history preservation.

CHC – Champaign County Healthcare Consumers. Projects related to community health, education, and health advocacy.

CUH – C-U at Home. Projects related to homelessness, support services, and advocacy.

HCS – Haiti Clean Stove Project. Projects related to international development and sustainable clean stoves.

HID – Haiti Infrastructure and Development. Projects related to international development and Haiti reforestation.

MWP – Mali Water Project. Projects related to international development, water issues, health and education.

OKO – Old King’s Orchard Community Center and Krannert Center Office of Engagement. Projects related to community development, youth programs, and arts engagement.

UES – City of Urbana Environmental Sustainability Division. Projects related to energy efficiency, water conservation and recycling.


2. Call for Applications: Spring 2014 LINC Project Managers

For Graduate Students and Advanced Undergraduate Students

Consider this significant opportunity to acquire training and experience in project management and classroom facilitation while leading a real project of importance to a nonprofit community partner! There are many positions available to co-manage a LINC-Learning in Community section (ENG 315) with interdisciplinary projects related to social and environmental issues, engineering and technical problems, education, community health, international development, and more!


Project Managers earn 4 credit hours for ENG 598: Applied Project Management and facilitate the regularly scheduled ENG 315 sessions for one of the projects. They assess student work, coordinate communications with the partner, manage the project, and participate in a weekly professional development course. Project Managers will receive preparation for their roles during a pre-semester training on Jan 15-17. Apply ASAP for equal consideration. Applications and interviews are rolling and will continue until positions are filled. For more information and to join the LINC team, see  http://linc.illinois.edu/information-project-managers  and view our introductory video, “What is LINC?” posted at http://youtu.be/f7s3aniu_40. For questions, contact Shikhank Sharma (sharma24@illinois.edu).