Week 14 Reflection

This is the last week for us to have class at Fab Lab. Each group of students are able to accomplish arduino, lasers, and digital embroidery routine. My last task was learning to use arduino and relative software to create inductive sensor. There is a list of items needed to make things work: a USB wire, an arduino board, one or more bread boards, a sensor chip, several jumper wires, one or more resistor, and a LED light. First of all, I an auduino board to a computer monitor with USB wire. Then, opening up the arduino software to create codes or choose from examples. I tried a bunch of existing basic codes, such as blink, bareminimum, and fade, Following are pictures of blink:

IMG_6059 IMG_6060

This is the one of the most basics. Sensors are not needed. There was a resistor to prevent the LED light from overloading. The ground end of LED light had to be matched with the GND on the arduido board, otherwise it would not work. Arduino is quite fun, but I enjoyed learning and playing with Laser and digital Embroidery better.

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