Get a Grip on the Grip

So our GrippingBean came out a little bit massive. Kavin pointed out that it actually totally defeated the purpose of creating a comfortable grip experience for the user. So we put our heads together, and came up with a new sketch, and MUCH more ideal dimensions. After re-cadding it, we threw that bad boy on the printer in a bright yellow filament to create another rapid prototype. After fighting with Makerware for an embarrassing amount of time, hopefully we’re on the right track to a better print.

IF this one works, Vishal showed us two different types of flexible filament that in the end would be super perfect for what we’re trying to accomplish. We want a material that contrives enough friction to get a firm grip on a variety of products. He had me do some research on these flexible filaments, as they need a bit more “TLC” when putting them through a printer.

This week, we’re headed to the FabLab again, in which as we work with new technologies, we’ll also be able to put our print through. In the end, if we decide that the design is ideal, we’re looking to get it cast in silicon. If that works, Boom. We’ve made a product that would aid the elderly or those afflicted with tremors in a ton of everyday activities.

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