My “Surprise Box”Final Project – Journal 1: MMA Modeling

For my final project, I decided to integrate different interesting software and technologies to make a “Surprise Box”.

The idea is to make a box. And when people open the box, they will be surprised to find that there is a heart with some flowers in the box. Also, you can hang it on the wall and the “box” will then become a calendar or a task board. I want to make this because I like cute little things that make people happy, and I want to make it useful in life as well.

The original plan was to use Mathematica to model the heart. I was thinking combining two functions together, one is the original heart shape function, and another one would be some kind of function that could give my heart some special and pretty pattern/texture.

And I was thinking about buying a flower and scan it and then put it on my heart. However, I changed the plan a little bit and model both the heart and the flowers on Mathematica.

Here’s my current progress on this:



(PS. I researched some online sources to find the codes for them, especially the flower and how to make the “tube” texture one. And I derive my own heart shape function.)

(Comment to let me know if I should post the codes here!)

However, I was not able to eliminate the gap in the heart. Therefore, I put both of them in TinkerCad and edited them to make them look nicer.


It took a very long time and some hard work to figure out the codes and the design, but in the end, it was all worthwhile! The moment when I finally finish putting them together, I felt proud of myself!



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