Week 10 – Stitching @ the FabLab


3D Printing except with textiles! Also I guess it’s technically 2D printing. Anyways, that’s what I worked with at my premier FabLab experience last week. A few of us had already messed around with Arduinos so we were moved to the sewing machine stations. We were explained that the machines were purchased late last year after they saw how they could be powerful making tools that could enable just about anyone no matter what sewing aptitude. Here are some of my biggest takeaways/observations:

  • The sewing machine was operated like a 3D/standard ink printer in that it put design onto the canvas based of off coordinates
  • The process is accurate, but not 100% accurate
    • volunteers showed examples of hand stitched embroidery by professionals which showed how the machine could only be so detailed
  • The process was fast!
  • Colors add a painless complexity to the process (takes more time, have to switch out string)
  • Possibilities are endless
    • In terms of patches, this empowers students to make whatever they want. For instance, I have the idea to make a team USA soccer patch. Besides ordering one online, I would have never believed I could make one for myself for $5
  • Could make for a great present!
    • The cost to make a patch is a couple of bucks. I’ve already brainstormed possible gift ideas (mostly sports patches for my younger brother’s backpack)

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