Week 11 Reflection

We had class at Fab lab this week. My assignment was to create a relatively simple pattern on fabric with auto-tension sewing machine. It began from choosing a picture of outlined subject or drawing one with computer. Then, importing it to Embroidery Lettering Software. The software can be used to edit patterns, which includes coloring, changing dimension, adding tread styles and so on. It is a user-friendly process, but with a few  minor issues. For instance, I had to clear all and start all over again if I made one misstep at the thread styles stage. The following are photos of my project:

IMG_5812 IMG_5810

This is one of the best experiences I had in the class. Looking forward to visiting  Fab Lab again.

One thought on “Week 11 Reflection

  1. Hi Lin,

    I really like your design. You were creative with how you did the shape, using different patterns for each clove. That’s a lot more than I did!

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