The FabLab is so stinkin’ cool.

I had no idea what a vector was or why in the world it was relevant to anything cool I could be doing. I tried to use a laser cutter before, but I struggled so hard, had no idea what I was doing, and it completely turned me off trying to learn the software. Jeff walked us through the easiest program possible, InkScape, made sense of all the ridiculous vectors, and showed us how do to some really cool stuff in a way that made so much sense.

I suddenly understood why each step was required, which is integral in how I learn. If I don’t get why I’m doing something, Nothing sticks. I created a super cool little notebook, enjoyed making that one so much, I made another one! After all of that, I was inspired to just up and open an Etsy account selling barnyard themed journals. IMG_4037


I also was super stoked about learning how to make a sticker. It’s proudly sitting on the back of my laptop as I type. I loved the experience because it made doing all of this cool stuff so so simple. It showed me all of the potential of things I could create in a way that got me excited to do it. I’m pumped to see what we do this week. I’m really interested in the Minecraft stuff they do there and I really would love to work with Jeff over the course of the summer to learn and teach it!

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