Creative Schlump is Over!

I had totally been in a dead zone when it came to inspiration for what to print and work on. My print of my head didn’t work out and I was struggling with that, and other than the Make-a-thon I had no idea what I was doing.

I got started on my final project, a workshop on the basics of Fusion 360 and found I was even having trouble there. I had to come up with something that was simple enough to show the controls, but create something that people could put their own spin on. I had done the tutorial on making headphones but I got frustrated with it because the final product had little room for making it “your own”. I got to working, and eventually created a basic version of a gummy bear! It didn’t take a ton of crazy controls, but it showed the basics of using the controls, as well as toggling the view and what not. For the first draft of the gummy bear I had a ton of fun trying to create and make my own. Gummy Bear


Gummy Bear 2

Jeff coming in was super interesting. I loved seeing everything they do over at the fab lab and I’m SUPER interested in working with the projects revolving around Minecraft. Jeff spoke to me even about working there over the summer to teach kids how to play the game which is a dream come true. I found it super interesting how you can scan the worlds the player creates and then print it! I’m eager to go to the lab next week and play around!

Lastly, Arielle found a really cool business card someone printed out for a bike touring company that popped out to turn into a little mini bicycle. The user could assemble the print. Arielle and I decided we wanted to make one of those for a wheelchair racer for the team! I’m eager to design that and then put it into cad. I’m mostly just excited to get out of that creative ditch.

4 thoughts on “Creative Schlump is Over!

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  3. I just have to say that the gummy bear came out adorable and was a really creative/fun idea for something to model!

  4. That business card idea sounds really fun! Best of luck with creating your own spin on it

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