Week 7 & 8 Reflection

The class began to learn a brand new 3D scanning technology during the lecture at Beckham Institute in week 7. For the first part of week 7 lecture, Mr. Travis Ross, a professional working in the institute, introduced a scanning program that can reserve an engineer to a CAD model.

One of my teammates came up with a racer glove. It is a customized wheelchair racing equipment. The main body was made of white plastic with a black leather handler. As the owner said that the original process can be time consuming, complicated, and expensive. It started from importing the raw material from Japan, then melting it to be flexible enough for modeling. Each individual has to hold melted plastic to shape it into a glove that perfectly matches. The following steps include adding an adjustable handler and sticky pad to the glove. In order to complete the entire process, it required expertise in the project and plenty of time.Moreover, it will cost the same amount of effort and inputs to produce every piece of glove.

If we figured out the way to use 3D scanning technology to make gloves, then it would significantly reduce the costs and inputs of the process. In addition, customers are able to order mass customization. The rest of the class was listening to a trainer in 3D scanning field giving lecture to the class.



During the week 8 lecture, the class welcomed Travis Ross to introduce Geomagic, a software for clean up the scanned models. Following his presentation, we began to select a new printable project with Geomagic, I probably need more time to get used to fix a scanned object with the software. By the way, thanks for the pizza.

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