This past week we delved into the program Geomagic. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing for a disgustingly long time. In the end, it proved to be a pretty useful tool! Only playing with scans of my head, I had little faith in the scanning process. Watching Travis scan a wheelchair racing glove gave me a different insight. As we played with correcting the racing glove and the clay “sculpture”, I truly learned the capacity of 3D scanning. Travis told us about the Smithsonian website in which we could download scanned files that were truly incredible in detail. That was so cool to play with because it gives the user an incredible idea of what can be scanned, and how detailed it can become.

I really want to further my knowledge in regards to converting Geomagic to Solidworks or Rhino files. I personally feel that that could be extremely applicable to my previous knowledge regarding CAD programs. I would love to be able to have a strong idea of how to edit a corrected file in other programs and add my own spin onto existing products. Until recently I had no idea how to correct a scan if there were messy portions but after Tuesday I’m really excited to play with some ideas I have. For example, I have a Tuperware container that I absolutely love to carry places when I want lunch on the go. Problem with it is, there’s no great way to carry cutlery with it. I want to scan this existing ┬ácontainer, and further add on a pocket that carries forks and knives.

I think there’s a ton of potential in adding onto existing products and scanning is a great way to start. I’m truly ecstatic that I can apply knowledge of Geomagic to do so.

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