Semester Project: Workshop Resources

Education has always been my top goal in life. I always try to keep learning and expanding my horizons, and when I can, I try to do the same for others.

For our semester project, Gian Delgado and I will be creating and compiling resources that people interested in 3D printing can learn from. Our material can be viewed as a stand alone product, but is most valuable when combined with one of the workshops that the MakerLab offers. We will provide introductory materials that students can view before attending a workshop that set them up to get the most out of the time in their lab. After they have attended a session and honed their skills, they can turn to our resources to find additional ways of applying these skills and find additional support resources, as well as a few things to keep their minds thinking about 3D printing.

In addition, we will be providing support to the MakerGril workshops that are taking place throughout the semester by giving them additional ideas as well as some logistical support working with the 3D printers.

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