Beckman Center: High Power Scanning

These past few weeks, our classes have taken the opposite approach than what we have done for the rest of semester. Our coursework have focused on creating a physical manifestation of a digital object. With the help of the Beckman Center at UIUC, these past two weeks we have focused on turning a physical object into a digital file. This experience proved insightful, despite its limitations.

High Buy In

The first thing that I noticed about this hardware and its accompanying technology is the amount of power that the user can wield with these tools. As our guide was explaining how the hardware and software works, it became all too apparent how useful these scanning tools can be.

Quickly after I noticed how incredible the scanning apparatus we were using was, I realized how prohibitively expensive that it must be to use. I was correct. The suite we were using, hardware and software, cost upwards of $20,000. Needless to say, that price point is a little outside my casual use level. However, the more I pondered this sticking point, the more I realized how I could leverage this software.

Why I’m Here

I’m not an engineer. That ability is not in my wheelhouse. However, I understand the importance of this field. Chances are, in my career, I will be working with more than a few engineers. It is important that I learn how to communicate with these incredibly talented individuals. By working with the scanning software that is used in the industry, I am better informed and will be better able to assist the people that I work with by already understanding their own working conditions.

Also, working with this software caused me to think about the various economic applications of this technology. Perhaps, I will be able to create my own business concept around this technology. I still will need help to operate the scanner and software, but having this high level overview allows me to be able to think critically about using this technology in my own field.

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  1. Imagine in the coming years when the software is free…or maybe just a few hundred dollars instead. It would be so cool to have the software available to more people because it truly is useful to anyone in no matter what industry you’re in. Architects, doctors, fashion designers, astronauts, you name it can find a use for 3D scanning, so the software needs to become more available to everyone.

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