Week Six – Create. Print. Regret

I’ve made it. By ‘it’ I’m obviously talking about my first Fusion360 created object, a massive plastic screw. This time around, the process was relatively painless! Mess around with the file on Fusion360, export for 3D print, throw it on Makerbot and get printing.

I put a hole in the object in an attempt to turn it into a pencil grip. The hole ended up being slightly too small to fit a standard pencil. I though I had the mm. measurement down where the pencil would fit the hole but something must’ve been off. Rather than measuring the hole itself, I estimated it’s size based off the size of the entire object. If I could have figured out how, it would have been much smarter to have measured the hole itself. Hindsight’s 20/20 I guess.

[I know, I know. Need pictures. Media to come soon!]

I must admit a regret of mine. We were given a lot of time in class to tinker around with Fusion360 in advance of printing our object. The task of the day was to print an object made on Fusion360 by the end of class. For whatever reason, I chose to take the easy way out and print the simple object that I created outside of class with hardly any modification. It wasn’t because I wanted to be lazy or take the easy way out, I just supposed that in order to complete the task it was a better idea to keep things simple. In the back of my mind I worried that trying anything new or different would have been too complicated and might have stopped from being able to get a print off that day.

Looking back, its clear that I was flawed in my logic. I ended up with a decent amount of free time that I could have been spent tinkering with Fusion360 designs to print off. Looking at some of the other cool objects created by my peers that day other than the simple tutorial objects we were assigned made me disappointed in my choice to keep it simple. I still learned a lot last Tuesday, but I definitely could have maximized my learning by challenging myself more rather than trying to complete the task going the route of the bare minimum. As stated above, hindsight is 20/20! I’ll try to be a little more daring in the upcoming weeks!

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