Week 4 Reflection

Week four consisted of digitizing and 3D printing my shoulders up, and two informative talks from the professor of Making Things course and 3D lab worker Ryan.  I enjoyed 3D printing my head because I learned how to use the digitizer, tweak the file for printing, and eventually print the file.  Seeing how a 3D print goes from nothing to the final product was very educational.  Below is a picture of my 3D print.

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 6.29.14 PM

My print turned out great.  The biggest struggle was trying to get the digitizer to stay stable and achieve a quality 3D image.  After working towards a good digital image, the rest of the process was a breeze.  I put my head on a rectangle on tinkercad, added my initials on my back and printed myself out!

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