Week 3: Olzhas

This week we had visitors from Design for America team. The class was nothing like my other boring accounting classes (don’t say this to my accy professors lol). The guys from DFA did a really good job presenting us a new way of looking at a problem and finding a solution for that problem. The class was very entertaining, but the same time it was very reach in new information. Especially, for a business student like me, it was very interesting to see how people from other disciplines approach a particular problem, the way they think and even the way they see the world.

So, what we did in class could be called a process of finding a solution for a specific problem, in our case the big picture problem was “destructive driving”. I liked how we first worked individually and then had to share our thoughts with group and this was timed most of the times. It was interesting how many thoughts and ideas we could generate within a certain time frame.


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The most important take away though for me was the fact that first it all depends on how you define a problem. Although, we were given one big picture idea of “destructive driving”, every group had to come up with its own specific problem. This was not an easy task, but very important because the quality of our solution would depend on how well we define the problem.


Finally, the atmosphere that was created by DFA representatives was simply fabulous. One can say that we played silly games, but I think they helped us create open, relaxed and creative atmosphere which in turn was very crucial to our productivity.

2 thoughts on “Week 3: Olzhas

  1. If you told an accy professor that this workshop was for a class, they would be astounded. Maybe we should be inviting some people from the accountancy program to come learn with us so they can incorporate the style of the worship into a case study.

  2. Loved the insights. I agree 100%. This is one of the coolest classes I’ve ever taken at UIUC. What I learned during this workshop will stay with me for a very long time!

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