Week 2 Reflection: Arielle

So far I am really excited about this class! Just playing around on Tinkercad was really fun, and I’m anxious to learn more about the whole 3D printing process in general. I have some big goals and ideas (probably too big for one semester), but I’m very grateful that I’ll have such an open and helpful environment to explore this new world in.

Four super cool things I found on Thingiverse are as follows;

1. A Coffee Filter holder!

That may sound lame to some, but I have an unhealthy obsession with the stuff. I currently brew all my java using an aeropress, so this nifty holder would be a perfect way to simplify my mornings even more. The only change I would make would be to throw in some color! 🙂

2.  Artsy Candle holder

Another holder, I know, but this just struck me as beautiful. I don’t per say need it in my life, but making it would be pretty fun. I love having a candle burning in my apartment so this would just add to the ambiance even more.
I love the design of the trees and their branches, but I might switch out the moose for some other woodland creature if I felt so inclined.

3. GoPro Mouthpiece

So… this is super weird, but pretty intriguing. I have a GoPro 2 that I have played around with quite a bit, but pushing my wheelchair and holding the camera steady proves a challenging task. I’ve gotten pretty creative with duct tape before and made some sad looking mounts, but this is a new concept I had never thought of. I’m not so sure I would necessarily use it, but I like the idea and where it’s heading!

4. DSLR Phone Mount

Again, I’m not so sure what I would use this for, but the idea is really neat. I have a Canon and when I’m filming it would definitely be nice to have my phone out and ready in case I need to google something or use the maps feature for some reason. It may actually serve as a semi-decent secondary source for audio…I’m not sure but I think this mount has potential. If anything it could be used to document or record your recordings and make it easy to share quick clips live via Facebook, or Twitter, or something. I don’t know if there is a direct use for this product, but I’m sure there is something cool you could do with this.


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