Week 2 Reflection: Olzhas

I am very excited about this class and very happy that I got into it. 3D Printing is very cool and opens up so many opportunities and new ways of thinking and doing things. So, in the last class I learned that there are several different open platforms and communities that provide great readily available designs. In addition, on some of them it is possible to create your own designs, which is great! Also, it was great to work as a group with Nora and Sebastian and creating our own 3D printed design of our team name. Go, Senol!!!)))

Here are my 4 models from Thingiverse:

  1. PL1Q Vampire, the 3d printable quadcopter

This is a cool model of 3D printed quadcopter. This model interested me because currently so called drones are becoming very popular everywhere in the world. Drones are simply flying cameras that can be controlled by a human from the ground. So this might be the future of how people will take videos. It is great that it is possible to design such drones with 3D printing. One thing that I would change in the design of this model though is that I would add a special component that will hold a camera.



  1. Bottle opener

This bottle opener is designed for people who is limited with body movements and helps them to open plastic bottles. This bottle opener requires very minimum effort and a great solution for this problem. This device can be upgraded by adding some additional functions or just simply making it as a key chain.



  1. CardEasy Extra Wide Base

This is a cool and convenient thing that make holding cards much easier. This also eliminates the need to always hold the cards in your hand. However, I would change the design to make it more cool, instead of the current design I would create a hand with a base that will hold the cards.



  1. Ice Scraper

This is a regular ice scraper. However, when I saw it on the picture with a person’s hand holding it, I got another idea how to use it. I thought what if people who use public transportation such as subway and buses in the highly populated cities will own personal “bus holder” (I don’t know how to word it specifically). This will allow people who stand in the public transportation to use their own clean “bus holder”. I think it will be very useful from sanitary point of view.



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