Week 2 Reflection

In this week’s class we explored the different applications of digital making and 3D printing. It was great to have an opportunity to navigate online designing with Tinkercad as well. For in-class activity my group was assigned two 3D model sharing websites being shapeways.com and myminifactory.com. The following four objects are something I would use on a daily basis that could use a little tweaking.

Pen Clip for Monitor

When I do homework I always seem to misplace my pen or pencil so this life hack would save me a lot of time spent searching for it. The product is a series of clips that are meant to store writing utensils near your laptop. The designer has only tested them on his personal laptop, so I would need to possibly change the measurements so that it would fit well on my own computer. I would also want to shorten the length of the clips so they don’t hang in front of the screen.

Acute Garden Hose Nozzle

One of my aspirations is to grow a garden so that I can have plenty of fresh vegetables and stay healthy. The Acute Nozzle would be a functional attachment for a hose with an added flair in the color and design. However, I see another use of this product on college campuses. Many students complain about the pressure in some of the dorm showers. The nozzle could be designed so that when added to the existing nozzle, it would release some of the pressure, making it more comfortable.

Eragatory Spoon

Cooking is one of my hobbies and although this spoon wouldn’t be able to purposefully sauté onions, it still caught my eye. I like the abstraction of the design, but I don’t think it is very practical for actual use. I wouldn’t change the handle, but I would fill the empty spaces that are in the bowl part of the spoon.

Maille Coaster

I have been meaning to get a decent set of coasters for a while now and have never found the right ones until I stumbled upon this design. The material, I’ve read, is absorbent and they’re aesthetically pleasing. The only thing I would change is to put a layer on the bottom in case any condensation doesn’t get absorbed into the coaster.

I thoroughly enjoyed this class because it was hands-on and engaging. It was my first experience with digital making/3D printing and I am excited to continue learning.

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