Learning Update Week 2

In class we have heard how 3D printing is changing the manufacturing industry, how learning by making is a big thing right now, and explored different sites exploring 3D modeling.  My group was assigned to explore thingiverse.com and shapedo.com and come up with a description of the sites and the differences between them.  Both sites feature a collection of 3D models posted by users in an open community format.  Thingiverse is a property of makerbot, and the models are optimized for makerbot printers.  I found shapedo to be more of a blog type site with open posting, commenting, and downloading of content, where as thingiverse is more professional.

Below are screenshots of thingiverse.com and shapedo.com

Thingiverse Homepage Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 8.53.17 PM

  • Four 3D models I have chosen, all off of thingiverse.com, are listed below with links.  I chose to only find models on thingiverse because I feel most comfortable navigating thingiverse versus the other sites.
  • My first selection is a mud guard for a bicycle.  I ride my bike daily and need a mud guard with all the precipitation in Illinois.  I would not change the design at all, but rather change the color to brown, to absorb mud colors better on the surface.
  • Secondly, I have found an easy to use bag clip for any bag needing clipped, but in my case, chips.  I have a few bags of chips at my apartment that need a clip to stay fresh.  The design here is great, I wouldn’t change it at all.
  • Next, I chose a vase, not to hold flowers, but for spatulas, cooking ladles, and cooking prongs.  Instead of laying them on the counter, holding them up in an organized holder would be nice.  I would widen the top part of this particular vase to make the top better for holding wide items, like a spatula.
  • Because my first three are all serious items that would improve my life, my final pick is a fun item.  A shot glass I randomly came across while scrolling through thingiverse. The shot glass has a skull face embedded into it.  I would change the size of the skull face, to make it smaller and less protruding.  Also, the skull should be in dark grey.

-Mark Panno

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