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A Transformation through Education

The Education Justice Project

Prisoners can often be given the stigma of indispensable by our society’s standards today. While the United States is #1 in number of incarcerations, where do we stand on actually reforming these individuals? On making them valuable members of society and changing them for the better?

The mission of the The Education Justice Project, also know as EJP, is build a model for in-prison education system that exemplifies the beneficial impacts of higher learning education.

When an individual’s given access to educational programming they really begin to see how valuable they are as a human being and begin to see how valuable their intellectual contributions are so that kind of when you’re granted access into that notion, they will typically want to continue to see themselves grow in that way. EJP allows these students the opportunity to TRANSFORM not only themselves but most everyone who is involved with the program. 

EJP instead of focusing on that past prides itself on focusing on the potential and not enough of that kind of focus within our criminal justice system- a lot of times because we don’t find they’re deserving of having that kind of system.

EJP Students engaging in a class assignment.
EJP Students engaging in a class assignment.

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