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According to Forbes, the amount of adults in the United States that use social media has risen 800% in just eight short years from 2005-2013. Forbes also states that over 50% of Fortune 500 companies are using social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook.Fortune-500-Social-Media-Usage3

As time continues to progress, it seems that society is even more anxious to use social networking. In fact, you are considered the minority in today’s world if you do not use any forms of social media. Perhaps one of the greatest features about social media is the ability to reach hundreds, if not thousands of people in seconds just by a simple “click.” With this in mind, it is important to remember that once you put something on the internet, it is there forever, and this seems to be a problem that too many people do not realize until it is too late.


ADD83533454B41F3817DCDB6CD2493A1According to the Pew Research Internet Project, an overwhelming 89% of people ages 18-29 are on some form of social media. That would suggest that a very high percent of students in college are voicing their opinion on some sort of social media platform. Now for the most part, a lot of what college kids post will go unseen. Even for myself, nobody really cares what a random 21-year-old kid has to say about whatever pops into his head. With that being said, college students who also happen to be Division 1 athletes tend to have a brighter spotlight on everything they do, and this includes their social media spotlight. Continue reading THINK BEFORE YOU TWEET!

Domestic Abuse on College Campuses

When men are the victims

By Elise Feltman

Poster advertising Man Talks hanging in the Women's Resources Center
Poster advertising Man Talks hanging in the Women’s Resources Center

Domestic abuse toward Men

October is domestic violence awareness month.  Amidst the crisp weather and colorful leaves, people gather to discuss the issues of physical and mental abuse. Domestic violence is most often represented as being directed at women. However, men can also find themselves the victims of abuse.

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