Nov. 3: Digital humanities brown bag in the library

Come lunch and learn at a digital humanities-focused brown bag event. And if you’d like to explore the topic more deeply, consider attending this month’s Digital Humanities Reading Group the week before.

Black Women Big Data: Utilizing Topic Modeling to Understand Black Women’s Lived Experience

Nicole Brown

November 2nd, 12-1

308 Main Library

Nicole Brown, postdoc at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications, will talk about a recently completed research project that used topic modeling to examine over 1,000 documents in the HathiTrust digital library to identify general discourse in sources by or about African American women. She will discuss the process the team used to create a corpus for analysis; integrate theory with methods, specifically how they trained the topic model algorithm while incorporating Standpoint Theory; interpret quantitative results; and bridge disciplinary boundaries. Bring your lunch and learn about the innovative research happening at Illinois!