Undergraduate Degree

Degree Requirements

Students in the Learning and Education Studies major (LES), may select the DELTA concentration as part of their LES program.  See here for the LES course list.

See below for the list of classes required to earn a DELTA concentration with your degree.

Hours Digital Environments for Learning, Teaching and Agency (DELTA)
The following courses are required as of Fall 2016 for this concentration. Changes/additions to this list can be obtained from the College office. Approvals for substitution must be submitted by petition to the College office for approval by the Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs.
3 CI 210 – Introduction to Digital Learning Environments
3 CI 489 – Capstone Research Project
3 Choose 1 from
PSYC 357Introduction to Cognitive Science
EPSY 490 – Learning in Everyday Contexts
EPSY 408 Learning & Human Development with Education Technology 
3 Choose 1 from
EPSY 402 – Sociocultural Influences on Learning
CI 485 – Social Learning and Multimedia
3 Choose 1 from
EPS 399 – Social Justice and Education
SPED 312 – Introduction to Educational Technology
HRD 415 – Technology & Education Reform 
9 Choose 3 from
CI 437 – Education Game Design
CI 438 – Computer Programming and the Classroom
CI 424 – Child Development and Technology
EPSY 408 – Learning and Human Development with Educational Technology
HRD 472 – Learning Technologies
EPS 431 – New Learning: Innovative Pedagogy & Curriculum Design
HRD 575 – Innovations in eLearning