Fall 2016 Masquerade Ball

Come and celebrate the Halloween Weekend with us by dancing in the grandest and most splendid ballroom attire you can find! We will be hosting a MASQUERADE BALL on 10/29 at the Illini Union Rooms A, B, and C. Admission is FREE! Light refreshment will be served! And it’s on campus! Ballroom costumes with masks are highly encouraged. If you don’t have a mask, no problem, we’ll provide you with one (it just won’t be as awesome as the mask above). Also, bring your friends along too, the more the merrier!

Theme: Masquerade Ball  

Date: Saturday, October 29

Time: 7 pm – Midnight

Location: Illini Union Rooms A, B, and C

Admission: FREE 

Costume: A mask and your grandest ballroom attire

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