Research Faculty Advisor

SAll ICSSP Scholars are required to complete at least two semesters of research with a focus in cyber security while in the program.  Research can be in the form of a project, senior thesis, or a graduate thesis.  All students must secure a faculty advisor who is in the area of computer security.  Any faculty member in ECE or CS that is doing research is computer security could be an advisor.  For a little more guidance, a list of potential faculty advisor is listed below.

Students who have a one year scholarship must secure their advisor either prior to starting their first semester in program or within the first two weeks of the semester.  Students who have a two or three year scholarship must secure their advisor by end of the first year in the program.  Once an advisor is secured, email Zach Reed at with the name of your advisor and a description of your research.

Potential ICSSP Faculty Advisors

Computer Science Faculty Advisors

Electrical and Computer Engineering Faculty Advisors

 Information Trust Institute Faculty Advisor

College of Law