Law Curriculum Requirements

SLaw students will follow a customized specialization program that includes the core cyber security courses, plus the courses that their degree program requires.

The Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree from the University of Illinois College of Law is a 3-year, 90-credit program. Students will complete 31 credits of required courses in the first year, with a number introducing concepts that are relevant to cyber security and related litigation. The second- and third-year courses are all electives, with the exception of Professional Responsibility.

Law students are permitted to take up to 6 graduate credit hours in another college at the University of Illinois to satisfy the 90-credit-hour requirement and the courses can include the computer security courses offered through the Computer Science department. Law students who are in the ICSSP scholars program will end up doing around 15 to 19 credits that is above and beyond the 90-credit-hour requirement for their Law degree.

Law Student ICSSP Curriculum Requirements

NOTE:  All grades in all ICSSP coursework must be a “B” or higher.

Advisement Requirement

Attendance is required for the ICSSP weekly seminar, as well as continuing advisement meetings with law faculty.

Ethics Requirement

Law scholars must complete LAW 680, Professional Responsibility.

Research Paper Requirement

Produce a research paper of publishable quality over the two year period of the program.  Satisfactory progress has to be made each semester towards this goal and progress report for the research project must be submitted at the end of each semester.  Independent study credits will be available for satisfying this requirement. An advisor must be approved by ICSSP leadership, and a research abstract must be submitted and approved by the end of the student¹s first semester.

Required Security Courses

NOTE:  For scholars that do not have a strong security background, they may need to take CS 461 in addition to the courses listed above.

ICSSP Law Concentration Courses – Cyber Security

Must complete 9 to 12 hours.

NOTE:  The courses above are generally offered once per year.  Please see the academic/curriculum section of the College of Law website.

ICSSP Law Research Project in the Area of Security*

* Project must be in the area of Information Assurance or Cyber Security law.

Law students must complete a comprehensive security-related paper/project, with the topic to be approved by one of the ICSSP faculty members. The research and writing is anticipated to be developed over the course of several semesters, resulting in a final paper. Law students may elect to use their two credits of Law 669 Independent Study credit sometime during their four semesters.