Travel Information


Walking directions
Illini Union to Loomis Laboratory:      
Hampton Inn to Loomis Laboratory:  
Loomis Laboratory to Levis Center:   

Driving directions + parking
Hampton Inn to Loomis Laboratory:  
Comfort Suites to Loomis Laboratory:
Parking directions for Loomis Laboratory:

Travel reimbursement:

We encourage you to ask your department chair for funding to support your travel to the conference. We have a limited number of travel grants available to those who do not have another form of travel support. Applicants who register by November 15, 2012, will receive full consideration for financial travel support.

If you travel by bus, train, or air, please save your travel receipts and bring them with you to the conference. You will need to provide proof of purchase when you fill out your reimbursement request. If you use a personal car, keep track of the miles you travel and assume a reimbursement rate of $0.55 per mile. We strongly encourage carpooling.

 Novarah Kazmi, Physics Illinois major, CUWIP conference organizer

Travel during conference:

Since all of the locations of the scheduled events will take place in close proximity to one another, attendees will walk to the various locations (except in the case of extreme weather conditions). This will provide a great opportunity to see some of the campus, and is more environmentally friendly. Make sure that you bring comfortable shoes!