Welcoming all of our new lab members to the Culture and Family Life Lab this Fall! On the left hand side, listed from left to right, we see Ryan Walton, Cibele Aguiar, McKenzie Martin, Katrina Blum, Esra Sahin, and Dr. Gail Ferguson. On the right, holding the sign is Cagla Giray with Tanya Malik on her right, followed by Tymmarah Anderson. Crouching between Ms. Giray and Ms. Malik is Angie Park with Amber Shields below.

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Our lab is studying the impact of 21st Century globalization on cultural, developmental, and family processes such as acculturation, enculturation, and parent-adolescent relationships. Using Jamaica as a case study, we are working to better understand and promote the resilience of youth and parents who are engaging with cultures from afar using globalization avenues, whether those be new cultures (i.e., remote acculturation) or heritage cultures in which do not reside (i.e., remote enculturation). We conduct our research and preventive interventions internationally (especially in the global South/Majority World) as well as in the U.S., and we have developed active transdisciplinary partnerships with collaborators from media studies and nutrition. Some major topics of focus in the Culture and Family Life Lab are:

  • Remote acculturation of non-immigrants across countries (vodcast)
  • Americanization (flyer)
  • Jamaicanization (vlog)
  • US media as a risk factor for health habits internationally (podcast)
  • Intergenerational discrepancies and acculturation gaps (abstract)
  • Remote enculturation of youth growing up outside their heritage countries (poster)
  • Cultural identity in plural societies (publication)
  • Tridimensional (3D) acculturation of minority immigrants (recommendations)
  • Child/adolescent development in Jamaican and Caribbean families (press release)

Culture and Family Life Lab | cultureandfamilylife@gmail.com or gmfergus@illinois.edu