Forms Downloads

You may download our departmental permission forms by clicking below:

Illinois Department of Dance copyright permission form This is a downloadable form for requesting permission to use a copyrighted work in University of Illinois productions. It is based on a similar form generated by Rob Kaplan at Arizona State University. (There used to exist a Dance/USA’s Music Grand Rights Clearance Template (with BMI, ASCAP, SESAC links) but it seems to no longer be available on the web.)

Choreographer Permission Form Use this to grant permission to provide a video of your dance to your cast members for their use. There are differing levels of permission, depending upon what rights you have secured for copyrighted material used in the dance.

Participant Video Request Use this form to request a video of a UIUC department dance in which you’ve performed.

HERE is a good site for advice if you’d like to write your own letter requesting permissions.