Creating Eye-Catching and Collaborative Charts with LucidChart

A sample chart I whipped up in just a few minutes.

Sometimes the way that you display your data can be just as important as the data itself. However, for those of us who are less artistically-inclined, finding a way to present our ideas in clear, appealing ways can be difficult. That is why LucidChart can be a powerful ally to help you in your quest to present your research!

LucidChart is a free online tool (though there are paid storage packages for heavy users) that allows you to create and share various kinds of charts, with options ranging from mind maps to Cisco Network diagrams, cause and effect diagrams to floor plans. The categories that LucidChart sorts their standard templates into are: Android, Business Analysis, Education, Engineering, Entity Relationship (ERD), Floorplan, Flowchart, Mind Map, Network, Network Infastructure, Org Chart, Other, Site Map, UML, Venn Diagram, Wireframe, and iOS. You can also create and save personal templates. Each of the many options can be customized, and if elements from other templates can be added to whatever chart you are using.

The chart template selection screen.

LucidChart takes (some) of the difficulty out of designing a chart. While you have the option to change every aspect of the chart, you can also use the recommended shapes, colors, and lay-outs that LucidChart provides for you. While every template will need at least a little tweaking (because all data is different), these options can make the process of creating your chart less stressful and quicker.

The basic work space for LucidChart.

One of the greatest aspects of LucidChart is your ability to share charts. Similar to other collaborative creation websites like GoogleDocs, you have the ability to send the link out to collaborators. You can then allow collaborators to edit, comment on, and/or view your document. You can also share your document on social media, or embed it on a website. A chat option makes for easy commentary on your chart, as well.

Overall, LucidChart is a great data visualization tool, especially for newcomers who may need a helping hand with creating charts that adequately communicate their ideas to others!