Free Survey Research Methods Webinar Series!


Are you interesting in learning more about how to conduct survey research? The Survey Research Laboratory of the University of Illinois is offering four webinars on survey research methodology during the fall 2016 semester, covering a range of topics from survey sampling to conducting focus groups.  All webinars are free and will take place Wednesdays at noon. In addition to this webinar series, the Survey Research Laboratory holds consultation hours at Scholarly Commons from 2-5pm on Thursdays.

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Introduction to Survey Sampling, October 5

This webinar will cover the basics of sampling methodology: the importance of using proper sampling techniques, determining the appropriate sampling methodology, and calculating necessary sample sizes. The discussion also will include simple random sampling, cluster sampling, stratified sampling, and multistage samples.

Advanced Web Surveys, October 12

Online surveys are becoming an increasingly popular means of collecting data. Accordingly, there has been a growing body of research that addresses best practices for all aspects of online data collection including the various ways to recruit potential respondents, to the visual and other aspects of the online questionnaire. This webinar will cover this literature and offer recommendations for web surveys.

Conducting Focus Groups, October 19

Focus groups are often used as a means of gathering preliminary research data or to help finalize questionnaire content for a larger study. The purposes and appropriate uses of focus groups will be discussed, along with a “how to” primer on how to administer a focus group from subject recruitment through the final report.

Preventing and Detecting Interviewer Falsification, October 26

Interviewer falsification is an unfortunate reality of survey research. Falsification involves the interviewer’s intentional deviation from the study protocol, and can include fabricating all or part of an interview, or deviating from recruitment and consent protocols. This webinar will not only provide an overview of how falsification can be detected, but also how to prevent it through proper training and oversight. This webinar is useful for any investigator who is supervising research assistants to collect data, or who hires an external survey research organization to collect data.

The description of the Survey Research Methods Webinar series comes from the Survey News Bulletin, a publication of the Survey Research Laboratory at the University of Illinois.

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