Natural Language Processing in the Digital Humanities

     Natural Language Processing (NLP) is an important method for digital humanists, enabling researchers to look for relationships and patterns between words in large bodies of text. The Scholarly Commons provides tools and resources for scholars who are using or learning NLP in their research, and we want to alert you to awesome-nlp, which is a compilation of NLP guidance available on the internet.

     This page on GitHub “awesome-nlp,” has links to resources, tools, and tutorials. Three resources that I found to be helpful on the page:

1. Video: Stanford’s Coursera Course on NLP basics
2. Article: Natural Language Processing: An Introduction
3. Paper: TwitIE: An Open-Source Information Extraction Pipeline for Microblog Text

     Awesome-nlp is available on GitHub at One thing that I really liked about this site was that it is inclusive to all users. It provides a range of resources suited toward the novice and the more advanced practitioner. I found this page to be especially beneficial for someone who does not have an in-depth background in natural processing languages. It offers a wide variety of introductory videos and papers on the topic.

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