Scholarly Commons Scanners Digitize a Variety of Materials

The Scholarly Commons has five different types of scanners to meet all your needs for digitizing bound volumes, pages, slides, and photographs.  Come to 306 Main Library to use them, ask questions about them in the comments below or send questions to are the details:

Spirit Book Scanner


All of our scanners allow you to scan pages directly out of books. The Spirit scanner takes scanning to the next level. Offering the user an easy and expert mode for scanning pages. In easy mode you simply point and shoot, all of your documents are saved in a PDF file on your thumb drive. Expert mode offers users more versatility allowing them to choose file types, scan multiple pages to a single file, adjust color, brightness, splitting and framing pages.

Nikon Super Cool Scan 5000


Our Nikon Super Cool Scan 5000 is perfect for digitizing 35 mm slides in less than 20 seconds. Other cool features the scanner offers patrons is a preview option to preview images, crop image, make color adjustments, and output size.

PluStek OpticBook A300


The PluStek OpticBook A300 is a great choice for scanning books and documents. It allows the users to choose between manual and automatic adjustments. Scans can be performed in in color, gray scale or as text using the buttons for each of these options. It also offers a rotation option that controls how each scan is added to the PDF. In addition to this it offers the user the ability to save in non-PDF formats, print the scan, or send via email.

Epson Express 10000 XL


The Epson Express 10000 XL is everything a photographer could ever want from a high-quality large volume scanner. This scanner offers ColorTure II for superior image processing. It has the ability to virtually scan anything you desire, including reflective media and transparent documents.

Epson GT-20000


The GT-20000 offer users the benefits and versatility to tackle anything form small to large documents. It even offers automatic document detection and enables users to scan multiple pages at once increasing their productivity.

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