A Fine – Tuned Discovery Tool

If you’ve been looking for a new scholarly discovery tool, you are in luck. is a research tool that is getting back to the roots of search technology to benefit academics and researchers. Currently in public beta testing and only drawing from a single data source, CiteSeerX, with content scope limited to computer science, looks to be one of the “next big things” in terms of finding and sharing research freely on the web.  As the project progresses, other disciplines and data sources will be included. ingests full-text works and bibliographic data and then extracts author profiles and citation information.  As planned, authors can fill in any missing citations or other information in their profiles.  You may be familiar with tools such as Google Scholar which have been used to crawl open access repositories and bibliographic records as well as allow authors to create a profile, link to their papers, and track citations. is hoping to take it a step further by acting as a portal to research discovery and building a web of citations with authors at the center.

As the tool is still in beta testing, features and functions are limited.  However, basic and advanced search options are up and running, and the team behind the project is soliciting feedback from users.  Check it out and see if it can benefit you and your research.  Give a try or follow them on twitter.  We will be watching closely while updates are made and as the tool gets closer to a full-fledged debut.

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