Digital Content Creation: Preserving our Culture for the Digital Age

Around the world, libraries have awakened to the need for information to be digitally accessible.  Many have initiated their own digitization project or participated in the projects of others. At Illinois, one of the Scholarly Commons’ partner units, Digital Content Creation, handles much of this digitization. DCC is involved in a huge number of digitization projects often involving unique materials and innovative techniques. Take, for example, their archive of antique instruments from the Sousa collection. The Sousa Archive of American Music is a world-renowned collection of materials relating to the history and culture of music in the United States. The archive contains a collection of musical instruments dating back to 1810, and Digital Content Creation is building a digital collection of images of these instrument in their state of the art studio. These high quality images are made available as both 2D images and fully manipulable 3D digital models. Scholars interested in these instruments now have the ability to examine them as scale models and not just flat images. Digital Content Creation has created and curated dozens of digital collections of images and books often including very rare or hard to digitize items. Their current projects can be viewed on their current imaging projects page.

If you have a digitization project, come see us at the Scholarly Commons. We have two high quality scanners available, and, for larger projects, we can connect you with the experts at Digital Content Creation.

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