Stanley Fish on Digital Humanities at MLA

At the Scholarly Commons, we’re always excited about the rapidly evolving field of digital humanities. Stanley Fish’s recent New York Times opinion piece on the predominance of digital humanities at the most recent MLA conference has set the blogosphere ablaze with discussion and debate over the identity of digital humanities and its possible role in reviving struggling disciplines. Here are some responses to Fish’s article, including a few by Illinois faculty members:

Ted Underwood (Illinois)
Why digital humanities isn’t actually “the next thing in literary studies.”

Feisal Mohamed (Illinois)
Can There Be a Digital Humanism?

William Pannapacker
Pannapacker at MLA: The Come-to-DH Moment

Dave Mazzella
Digital Humanities at MLA

Steve Kolowich
The Promotion that Matters

Roger T. Whitson
Does DH really need to be transformed? My Reflections on #mla12

Since his original post, Fish has continued to stir the pot with two more digital humanities posts:

The Digital Humanities and the Transcending of Mortality

Mind Your P’s and B’s: The Digital Humanities and Interpretation

If you are currently working on a digital humanities project or are wondering whether your research could benefit from digitization, text-mining, or the use of GIS or statistical software, stop by the Scholarly Commons. We have a variety of software and hardware tools for you to test and can connect you with experts in the field.

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