Blogging in academia: Join the discussion

Why do some academics blog and what do they get out of it? Two Illinois researchers will take on these questions and others about social media on Monday when they host an informal lunchtime discussion:

The emerging role of social media in academia: a panel discussion with Kate Clancy and Alex Wild

When: 12:10 p.m. Monday, March 7

Where: 176 Burrill Hall

You might want to read up on their blogs to get a sense of their approaches. Dr. Clancy, an assistant professor of anthropology, blogs at Context & Variation and is @KateClancy on Twitter. You’ll find Dr. Wild, a postdoc research associate in entomology, at Myrmecos. and on Twitter @Myrmecos.

Also of interest is Dr. Wild’s recent post about his struggles with the unauthorized and improper reuse of images from his blog. Photography is a integral part of Dr. Wild’s work, and his blog showcases stunning images of ants and other insects. Irresistibly stunning, in fact. Dr. Wild regularly has to scour the Internet for inappropriate use of his work. He writes:

The results of this year’s infringement hunt were disheartening. Much more egregious than previous years. I am watching volumes of my work slip away into the ether. I’ve seen my images branded with the logo of other companies, appended to coupons, banner ads, and pest ID charts.

For more about this issue in Dr. Wild’s own words, read his PSA: The following images are not public domain post.

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