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ECE 110 Introduction to Electronics Course Redesign

Selected ECE 110 Project Videos

This are from the open-ended final project design callenge (approximately 2 minutes each). The notes are to help current students improve their own project videos.

  • Pinball Machine…impressive electronics, should show more of circuit and oscilloscope usage in video.
  • Plant Watering Tracker…video is well done, again, could show oscilloscope.
  • Crowd Meter…excellent video includes description of circuit, operation, oscilloscope, and, what I really liked was the circuit breakdown of input/electronics/output from the 30-45 second interval.
  • Astronomy Project…I like this project because the student merged ECE110 with their true hobby! I wish the video had been more explicit on the details and had used the oscilloscope to provide more insight on operation.
  • Wireless Charging…good video that shares the many elements learned in ECE110. While this type of project is of interest, many students are surprised that efficient wireless charging takes more than just the “basic” theory.
  • Sound Detection for Hearing Impaired…Video contains a good circuit description (verbally) and oscilloscope insight.
  • Traffic Signal and Alarm…video has very good material, but might cut down on the Blair Witch Project camera movement. 🙂

Content Personalization

I-STEM: Article on using classroom diversity (of interests) to enhance learning in ECE 101: Exploring Digital Information Technology.