Analog circuits

This page contains combined circuit models in hyxml file format that C2E2 can read. You can download the zip file containing all the nine models at Combined_Circuits.

To run the models on this page, please use the latest version of C2E2 (released May 2017) here. We recommend using the image file. If you want to install the software on your own machine and face problems, please feel free to contact us.

The models’ descriptions and names are listed below:

  • Hybrid Inverter with ramp pulse input: hybrid_inverter_ramp.hyxml
  • Uniform Inverter with ramp pulse input: uniform_inverter_ramp.hyxml
  • Uniform NOR gate with ramp pulse input: uniform_NOR_ramp.hyxml
  • Uniform OR gate with ramp pulse input: uniform_OR_ramp.hyxml
  • Hybrid Inverter with sigmoid input: hybrid_inverter_sigmoid.hyxml
  • Uniform Inverter with sigmoid input: uniform_inverter_sigmoid.hyxml
  • Uniform NOR gate with sigmoid input: uniform_NOR_sigmoid.hyxml
  • Uniform OR gate with sigmoid input: uniform_OR_sigmoid.hyxml
  • Uniform Inverter loop: uniform_interver_loop.hyxml