C2E2 is free under a academic research license. Installing C2E2 should be straightforward. C2E2 support Ubuntu version 14.04. We have tested the installation scripts on Ubuntu and currently do not support any other operating systems.

  • Fill out and send email this (.docx .pdf) form to
  • (new) Download the latest distribution of C2E2 v0.05 (May 2017) here [64 bit version] or here [VMware Workstation image containing C2E2 v0.05, Password:c2e2] and the manual here.
  • Also you can use matlab plotter script to plot reachtube from C2E2.
  • Unzip the files in a local directory, say ~/C2E2/.
  • Go into ~/C2E2/ and run sudo ./installRequirements. This should install all the packages needed and may take a while.
  • If the above step succeeds, run ./installC2E2.
  • run ./testC2E2 to verify installation, you should able to pass all tests is the installation is successful.
  • You should now be able to run the program with ./runC2E2 which will launch the graphical interface where you can start verifying models.
  • If any of the installation scripts fail, please try to install the required packages separately which can be found in Appendix A in the manual.
  • If the installation did not raise any errors, but you are having issues with running C2E2, then please let us know.
  • You can also download VMware Workstation img, which contains C2E2 v0.02 here .
  • Email or post your question on the discussion forum for support.

Earlier versions

  • C2E2 v0.04 (Oct 2016) here [64 bit version] or here [VMware Workstation image containing C2E2 v0.04, Password:ubuntu] and the manual here.
  • C2E2 v0.03 (May 2016) here [32 bit version] or here [64 bit version] or here [VMware Workstation image containing C2E2 v0.03, Password:c2e2]
  • C2E2 v0.02 (Jan 2016) here [32 bit version]  here [64 bit version] here [VMware Workstation image containing C2E2 v0.02, Password:c2e2admin]
  • C2E2 v0.01 (2014) here [32 bit version]  here [64 bit version] here [examples for this version only]