Change of Major or Declare First Major

Change of Major requests MUST be submitted for the SPRING term no later than the 10th day of classes on January 29.  Any change of majors after this date will be changed for the Fall 2018 term up until the 10th day of classes on Monday, September 10.

Unassigned students may declare their first major at any time. Declared majors may change to another major within the College of Business between the tenth day of class and the last business day prior to the start of advance registration. Requests from declared majors received at other times will not be processed until the next change of major period.

Dual Degrees Approval Request

Requests for dual degrees MUST be submitted for the FALL term no later than the 10th day of classes on September 10. 

Students must upload a four-year plan (reflects both degree requirements and 154 credit hours minimum) as part of this form for it to be approved. We recommend preparing the four-year plan with a Peer Advisor in 1041 BIF prior to beginning the form.

Requests for dual degrees will be accepted beginning the 11th day (third week) of class through the last business day prior to beginning of the advance registration period in November and April. You will have access to courses in both areas of study during advance registration, pending course availability.

Dual degrees require at least 30 additional hours of University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign credit, for a minimum of 154 credit hours, and must be completed within the allowable nine semester limit on enrollment. The last 30 hours must be University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign credit. Dual degrees must be awarded simultaneously.

If you have received dual degree approval, but your plans have changed, please submit the Request to Remove Dual Degrees Designation.

Credit/No Credit Option

The Credit/No Credit Grading Option (CR/NC) offers Business students the opportunity to complete an Elective course for ungraded credit. An Elective course does not fulfill University requirements, General Education, Business Core, Major or Minor requirements. Review the full policy, including restrictions and deadlines, here.

Spring 2018 Deadlines: February 9-Part of Term A course; March 9-Full Semester course; April 13-Part of Term B course

Overload (more than 18 hours) or Underload (less than 12 hours) Request

Fall 2018 requests may be submitted at any time.  All requests will be reviewed upon receipt, and you will receive notice of approval or denial of your request.  All approved overloads will go into effect beginning on August 27 (first day of classes).  You may add classes in excess of 18 hours at that time.

Business approves course loads of less than 12 hours in special circumstances, such as seniors in their final semester who need fewer than 12 hours to graduate and students with a documented illness who are unable to carry a full load (medical documentation is required).

Students may carry as many as 18 hours without special permission. Approval for programs of more than 18 hours (overload) must be obtained from the college.

Grade Replacement- form must be submitted in person

Students must register their intent to use the course repeat for grade replacement option by completing a form in the Office of Undergraduate Affairs in 1055 BIF during the first half of the term in which the course is being repeated. View full policy here.

Spring 2018 Deadlines: February 9 – Part of Term A course; March 9 – Full Semester course; April 13 – Part of Term B course


Late Appeal Petition

The Late Appeal Petition form is used to formally petition to late drop a course or receive an incomplete in a course. This form must be printed and submitted to the Office of Undergraduate Affairs in 1055 Business Instructional Facility.

College of Business Scholarship Application

The application period for College of Business undergrads begins the first Monday in December and continues until the last day in January at noon. Apply here!

College of Business Undergraduate Degree List

Students may add themselves to the degree list until the 10th working day of the semester in the UIUC Self-Service website by selecting the Graduation tab and ‘Apply to Graduate.’

After January 29, 2018, students will need to fill out a form in 1055 BIF to add themselves to the May 2018 degree list.

Re-Entry Application

Dropped students must complete and submit the online re-entry application after they have met the conditions of their academic drop. Students dropped from the College of Business are not automatically eligible for re-entry.

Re-entry applications are accepted April 1 until August 10 to return for the Fall 2018 semester and November 1 until January 2 to return for the Spring 2019 semester.