General Education

University Requirements/General Education

Complete list of approved General Education courses

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Composition I (4 – 6 Hours)

Met in one of the following ways:

  • RHET 100 with RHET 101 and RHET 102
  • RHET 105
  • CMN 111 & CMN 112 (students who complete this sequence do not need to complete CMN 101 in the Business Core Curriculum)
  • ESL 111 and ESL 112 (Some international students may be required to take this sequence based upon TOEFL score or placement exam).
  • ESL 115 (Some international students may be required to take this sequence based upon TOEFL score or placement exam.)
  • Score of 32 or above on the ACT English section (You will receive the 4 credit hours for completing the requirement as well.)

Your ACT English score will determine which sequence you will take.

Advanced Composition (3 Hours)

Must be taken on this campus; cannot be transferred from another school. Please note, BTW 250, Principles of Business Composition, is recommended for potential CPA Exam Candidates.

Quantitative Reasoning Requirement

This requirement is met by the College of Business math requirement.

Foreign Language (0-20 Hours)

You must have proficiency at the fourth semester level and may be satisfied in any of the following manners:

  • Four years of one foreign language in high school
  • Through the fourth level of a single foreign language on a college campus
  • A combination of 3 semesters/3 years high school of two languages

Humanities and the Arts (3 courses)

At least one of the courses in the Humanities and the Arts area must be a 200- or 300-level course.

  • Literature and the Arts (1-2 courses)
  • Historical and Philosophical Perspectives (1-2 courses)

Natural Sciences and Technology (2 courses)

  • Life Sciences (0 – 2 courses)
  • Physical Sciences (0 – 2 courses)

Behavioral Sciences (1 course)

  • College of Business students do not need any Social Science Gen Ed courses, because the required Economics courses as part of the Business Core automatically meet the University Gen Ed requirement for Social Science
  • You still need to take 1 Behavioral Science course

Cultural Studies (2*-3** courses)

Courses can be selected from this area that will also fulfill the Humanities and the Arts Area.

*For students who were admitted Fall 2017 or earlier (current students):

  • Non-Western/U.S. Minorities Cultures (1 course)
  • Western Cultures (1 course)

**For students who were admitted Summer 2018 and later (incoming students):

  • Non-Western Cultures (1 course)
  • U.S. Minorities Cultures (1 course)
  • Western Cultures (1 course)