Dual Degrees/Double Majors

Dual Degrees

College of Business students may pursue dual degrees with a combination of Business majors:

  • Accountancy & Business Administration (Operations Management; Information Systems; Management-General, Entrepreneurship, or International; Marketing; and Supply Chain Management)
  • Accountancy & Finance
  • Business Administration & Finance

Dual Degrees FAQs

When should I request approval to pursue a dual degree? 

You should declare your first degree during your third or fourth semester, before enrolling in major coursework. It’s best to discuss your plans with your academic advisor before adding a second degree.

How do I add a second degree?

First, complete the Dual Degrees Approval Request Form. Second, complete your Personal Academic Semester Schedule (PASS) at https://my.business.illinois.edu/academic-planning. Your PASS should include all required courses for both degrees and a minimum of 154 credit hours. Your request will be reviewed by an academic advisor and you should receive notification within five business days.

Dual degrees requests will be accepted beginning the 11th day (third week) of class through the last business day prior to beginning of the advance registration period in November and April. You will have access to courses in both areas of study during advance registration, pending course availability.

What if I’m a senior pursuing dual degrees?

Seniors please complete the Dual Degrees Approval Request Form and complete your PASS in order to declare both degree programs, even if all major coursework is completed.  Declaring both degree programs now will streamline the process of adding your name to the pending degree list.

What are the requirements for completing dual degrees?

Dual degrees require at least 30 additional hours of University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign credits, for a minimum of 154 credit hours, and must be completed within the allowable nine semester limit on enrollment. At least 90 hours must be University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign credits. Dual degrees must be awarded simultaneously.

Who should I see for academic advising?

After your dual degrees request is approved, you will be assigned to an academic advisor for each degree program. You are able to view your advisor assignments and schedule appointments at https://my.business.illinois.edu/advising.

Double Majors

Double majors are only allowed within the Department of Business Administration. Students may declare no more than two Business Administration majors and may earn one Management concentration. Each major in the Department of Business Administration requires nine courses and students who wish to earn a second major must fulfill the course requirements for both majors. Both double and single majors require a minimum of 124 credit hours.

A second Business Administration major typically requires two to five additional courses in order to meet the requirements for both majors while completing at least twelve hours of unique advanced coursework. Registration priority is given for both majors within the Department of Business Administration.