Business Core

Business Core Requirements

These requirements are for students who have entered Fall 2017 or earlier

BUS 101: Business Prof Responsibility (2 Hours)
BUS 101 is required for all College of Business students. All students entering the College of Business take BUS 101 in the fall semester, including Inter-College Transfers (ICT) and Off-Campus Transfers (OCT).

Math Requirement (7-8 Hours)
Students must fulfill one of the following sequences:

Preparatory math courses (MATH 112 or MATH 115) are included in the undergraduate cumulative grade point average.

ACCY 201: Accounting and Accountancy I (3 Hours)
Prerequisite: ECON 102 and credit or concurrent enrollment in ECON 103

ACCY 202: Accounting and Accountancy II (3 Hours)
Prerequisite: ACCY 201 or equivalent

BADM 300: The Legal Environment of Business (3 Hours)
Restricted to: Students with Junior standing

BADM 310: Management and Organizational Behavior (3 Hours)
Restricted to: Students with Sophomore standing

BADM 320: Principles of Marketing (3 Hours)
Restricted to: Students with Sophomore standing

BADM 449: Business Policy (3 Hours)
Restricted to: Students with Senior standing

CMN 101: Public Speaking (3 Hours) Students who elect to complete CMN 111 & 112 to meet the Composition I requirement should not enroll in CMN 101.

Note: Some sections of CMN 101 are reserved for non-native speakers of English and cover the same material as CMN 101 with additional emphasis on skills for presenting in a non-native language.

CS 105: Introduction to Computers (3 Hours)
Prerequisite: MATH 112

Approved substitutions for CS 105:

ECON 102: Microeconomic Principles (3 Hours)

ECON 103: Macroeconomic Principles (3 Hours)

ECON 202: Economic Statistics I (3 Hours)
Prerequisite: Credit or registration in one of MATH 220MATH 221MATH 234.

Approved substitutions for ECON 202:

ECON 203: Economic Statistics II (3 Hours)
Prerequisite: ECON 202; one of MATH 220, MATH 221, or MATH 234.

Approved substitutions for ECON 203:

ECON 302: Intermediate Microeconomic Theory (3 Hours)
Prerequisite: ECON 102 or equivalent. MATH 220, MATH 221, or MATH 234 or equivalent.

FIN 221: Corporate Finance (3 Hours)
Prerequisite: Completion of ECON 102 or ECON 103.