Study Abroad

One of the goals of the College of Business is that every undergraduate will have an international experience. The Business International Programs office, located in 320 Wohlers Hall, offers semester-long exchange programs in top business schools in Asia, Australia and Europe, where students take upper-level business classes. Exchange programs are the cheapest study abroad option available, and some of our programs cost less than a semester at Illinois. Studying abroad is a life-changing experience. Don’t miss this opportunity! Detailed information about studying abroad is available at 

Who Can Participate in a Study Abroad Semester Program?

  • You must be enrolled in the College of Business in order to apply.
  • You must have at least a 3.0/4.0 GPA.
  • You must have completed at least one year of course work on the UIUC campus (or one semester for off-campus transfer students.)
  • It is strongly recommended not to study abroad during your last semester, because it will delay graduation.

When Is the Application Due?
The application deadline is September 15 or February 15 of the semester before you will be studying abroad. The application is online and can be found at

How Do I Choose Where To Go?
Make an appointment with Dean Gozdziak to discuss which programs would work best for you. Considerations generally include location preference, course availability, cost and program dates.

Grading and Credits
Classes can be taken during study abroad for credit/no credit or for a grade. For classes taken for a “grade,” the grade will be listed on the University of Illinois transcript and will be averaged in with the GPA. Classes taken for “credit/no credit” will be listed on the University of Illinois transcript, as well as whether the student passed or failed the class, but the grades received in classes taken for “credit/no credit” will not alter the student’s GPA. Students have until the midpoint of the class to inform the Business International Programs Office of any changes to whether courses are being taken for grade or credit/no credit.

Course Requirements and Limitations by Major
Please visit the Undergraduate Study Abroad website for details.