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Undergraduate Affairs Tutors

Tutor CS 105, ECON 102, ECON 103, 202, 203, MATH 125, MATH 234, FIN 221!

Undergraduate Affairs tutors are responsible for tutoring 28 hours each semester, about 2 hours/week.


Interested in training to become a Peer Tutor? Enroll in BUS 199!
Bus 199: Coaching for Success- 1 credit hour, graded course (next offered Fall 2018)

This course will cover communication skills and coaching models applied to academic and career peer support services. Students are expected to be active learners as this class will utilize discussion, role plays, and practice advising meetings to strengthen your skillset in coaching and reinforce your advising and tutoring knowledge. This course will also cover how to describe the transferable competencies gained in this course for your internship and career search. Aspiring peer advisors & tutors must have excelled in this course to be considered for a position, with the exception of the Accountancy tutors listed below. Qualifies as a James Scholar Honor’s Project. CRN: TBA.

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