MATH Proficiency Exams on Sat Jan 21

Math is offering its spring proficiency exam for courses including calculus, differential equations, and linear algebra this Saturday, January 21.

The exam is an in-person exam, but registration is online at a link from

and the deadline to register is this Wednesday, January 18, at 5pm.

Students may sit for one exam per exam date.  Our next exam will happen early in Summer Session 2, mid-June, and there will also be an exam in late August and early October.

The website given above answers many questions related to proficiency exams.

Best wishes for getting through the first week of classes!

BUS 199 course options: Career Exploration (CRN 54568) and Coaching for Success (CRN 54987)

BUS 199 Career Exploration

Tues and Thurs 11:00AM – 11:50AM
Meets 17-Jan-17 – 10-Mar-17 (1st 8 weeks)
Section C, CRN 54568
Instructors: Tracy Parish and Jana Lithgow

This course provides an introduction to careers in business that are related to the three academic departments within the College of Business: Accountancy, Business Administration, and Finance. Students will complete reflective self-assessment activities and learn about majors, internship opportunities, and career paths related to the 9 majors within the College. Topics addressed will also include professional correspondence, communication, and presentation; networking; and career development resources.

Restricted to students with Freshman or Sophomore class standing.

BUS 199 Coaching for Success

Thurs 4:00 – 4:50 pm
Full semester course
Section TD, CRN 54987
Instructors: Nicole Turner and Mark Williams

This course will cover communication skills and coaching models applied to academic and career peer advising and tutoring. Students are expected to be active learners as this class will utilize discussion, role plays, and practice advising meetings to strengthen your skillset in coaching and reinforce your advising knowledge. This course will also cover how to describe the transferable competencies gained in this course for your internship and career search. Aspiring Peer Advisors & Tutors must have excelled in this course to be considered for a position. Qualifies as a James Scholar Honor’s Project.
BUS 199 Coaching for Success Spring 2017 Syllabus

ECON 102 & 103 Proficiency Exams: Jan 24 and 25

The Economics Department will offer a 2 hour, multiple choice, proficiency exam for Microeconomic Principles (ECON 102) and Macroeconomic Principles (ECON 103) on the following dates:

January 24th at 5:00pm – Sign-up:

January 25th at 5:00pm – Sign-up:

Another exam will be offered at the end of the semester on May 10th – registration will open 2 weeks before

Students must register for the exam. Once registered they will receive detailed information prior to the exam date.

For more information:

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service is Monday, Jan. 16


We encourage you to participate in the MLK Day of Service on Monday, Jan. 16 from 1 to 4 p.m. in the Illini Union.

Students will learn about the impact Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had on the world and participate in hands-on service projects that will benefit community organizations.

This event is great for individuals and groups.

Students can pre-register at

Full calendar of MLK events available here: mlk-2017-calendar


2017 Organizational Science Summer Diversity Institute

UNC Charlotte faculty member Dr. Steven Rogelberg would like to share an exciting opportunity for undergraduates from across the country interested in organizational science, management or business.

Recruitment is currently under way for the 2017 Organizational Science Summer Diversity Institute at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. The mission of the Institute is to diversify the pipeline for graduate education in Organizational Science. The 2017 Organizational Science Institute will be held May 14-19, 2017. The application deadline for fellows is February 3, 2017.

To be considered for the Institute Fellowship, applicants must:

  •  Be a rising junior or senior
  •  Have a competitive GPA
  •  Have an interest in pursuing a graduate degree
  •  Be willing to commit to a week of intensive research training and preparation in Charlotte, North Carolina.
  •  Be interested in organizations, and are thinking about attending graduate school in an organizational science-related field (e.g., Management, I/O Psychology, Sociology, Organizational Communication)
  •  Be members of an underrepresented student population.

Institute Fellows receive:

  •  Travel related expenses covered
  •  Housing and food
  •  Intense GRE preparation
  •  Hands-on research experience with faculty and doctoral students
  •  One-on-one mentoring with doctoral students and faculty
  •  Networking with national experts on graduate education
  •  An invaluable jump start on graduate education

For more information please visit or contact

Faculty contact:
Steven G. Rogelberg, PhD
Chancellor’s Professor

Professor, Organizational Science, Psychology, and Management
Director, Organizational Science | Editor, Journal of Business and Psychology
UNC Charlotte | Colvard 4025 | Friday 249
9201 University City Blvd. | Charlotte, NC 28223
Phone: 704-687-1351  | Fax: 704-687-1317  |
Twitter: @stevenrogelberg

Freshman Science Gen Ed – CHBE 101

The professor is looking for some Business students to enroll – great class!!!

CHBE 101

Hidden World of Engineering

Credit: 3 hours.

Tells the stories of everyday objects: bathtubs, pop cans and screws. These simple objects shape our lives, yet are engineering masterpieces. To unveil this hidden world the course uses a humanistic approach. Designed to appeal to all majors, it uses human stories – filled with failures and triumphs – to reveal the methods of engineers. The course enchants with tales of ancient steel making, today’s pop cans, huge stone monuments, and salt. The course will change how a student looks at his or her world. Several sessions focus on women engineers and the environment.

This course satisfies the General Education Criteria in Spring 2017 for a
UIUC: Physical Sciences course

The Hoeft Technology & Management Program Information Session on Thurs 12/1 at 5pm


The Hoeft Technology & Management (T&M) Program bridges the gap between traditional engineering and business education by offering a unique curriculum to a select group of highly qualified business and engineering undergraduates. The T&M Program is a joint venture between the College of Business and the College of Engineering and works closely with its corporate affiliate partners to groom the best and the brightest students to be tomorrow’s leaders.

  • Thursday, December 1st, 5-6 pm, 2041 BIF

Who? Business and engineering majors planning to graduate any time from May 2019 to December 2020

Questions? Email

Interested students are encouraged to “like” the T&M page on Facebook.

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Adv Comp + Behav Sci: EPOL 350 Social Learning and Social Knowledge

EPOL 350 Social Learning and Social Knowledge

Course Description

This course explores how we access and generate knowledge. In formal education, the legacy classroom is also being augmented with technology or replaced entirely with online learning.

Across a wide range of domains of knowledge, the traditional separations between knowledge producers (experts or teachers) and knowledge consumers (everyday citizens or students) are undergoing transformation.

In this course you will be exposed to the changing landscape of knowledge and learning through a hands-on experience of collaborative knowledge production and learning.

Issues and concepts to be addressed include Web 2.0, participatory media, peer-to-peer knowledge networks, ‘the commons’, informal online learning, and the dynamics of formal e-learning ecologies.

During this course you will not only learn about how we learn and why, but take an active role in creating works that explore these concepts. This course is taught both face to face and online to provide a variety of learning experiences.

Course Information
  • 3 credits Tuesdays and Thursdays at 2:00 P.M. – 3:30 P.M. Tuesday is face to face with Thursday online. CRN:65807
  • Instructors: Dr. Bill Cope, Sol Roberts-Lieb, Samaa Haniya
  • General Education: Social and Behavioral Science, Advanced Composition
  • Questions? Please contact or

EDUC 202 now open: Adv Comp and Humanities course

EDUC 202 Social Justice School & Society

Credit: 3 hours.

Examines the nature of justice and the dynamics of a pluralistic society to derive a conception of social justice. Working with this conception, it asks how schools function to perpetuate and/or remediate social injustice. The course will consider the history and nature of schooling, issues of access and tracking, and notions of the public and the common. The course is designed for students interested in reflecting on their own educational histories, for those considering careers in teaching, and for all future parents and citizens needing to be able to reflect critically on justice, school, and society. (Graduate candidates may take this course or approved graduate-level College of Education Educational Policy Studies Foundation Requirement course; undergraduates may take this or program-approved equivalent coursework).

This course satisfies the General Education Criteria in Spring 2017 for a UIUC: Hist&Philosoph Perspect course , and UIUC: Advanced Composition course

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