Suggested Agenda for Live Session

What an engaging live session agenda might look like:  (Download as PDF or Word )

Template Agenda for a Live Session
1 (2 MINS) Welcome  introduction (people) and topics (Agenda for the day)
2 (10-15 MINS) Instructor responds to class questions or general feedback on assignments or topics
Polling to assess students’ readings or learning of the weekly concepts.
(Polls can be prepared in Zoom, and the results can be downloaded at end of the session)
– Questions to the class, students respond with voice or in chat.
3 (10-15 MINS) Instructor presentation/lectureWhat value is my presentation adding to the course readings? Why would students want to come to the live session?
Expand on the topics of the week with new information.
Make connections between course topics and current events.
Explain or clarify a topic or activity that was difficult or needs more support.
Introduce a new topic that will be discussed in the upcoming week, and get students excited about what they are about to learn.
Make a brief presentation. (Hint: focus on interaction.)
Use a case or problem as a prompt.
Don’t repeat what you have presented before or what is already in the course readings.
Ask questions about that.
Provide examples.
Don’t take too much time to clarify previous topics with individual students. Encourage students to use office hours for a more personalized consultation.
Don’t repeat logistics or instructions that they can find in readings or a syllabus. Send them to read from the source.
4 (10-15 MINS) ·       Active learning activities
– Provide students with a discussion prompt (a case, questions, current event).
–  Send them to breakout rooms in groups of 5 or 6. After discussing with their peers, they return to the main room and present their ideas.
–  Instructors and peers pose questions or comments on student reports.
–  Capture individual or team responses with polling software.
5 (15-20 MINS) Ideas for student presentations or discussions
Students could present:
–       What they discussed in the breakout rooms (assign a recording secretary)
–       On topics that were pre-arranged per class schedule
–       Summaries of the live sessions (groups sign up for different sessions)
–       Summaries of shared annotations of assigned readings (e.g. use of hypothesis)
6 (15 MINS) Wrap up
–        Ask students if they have further questions.
–        Review key ideas of the live sessions.
–        Share highlights or assignments for the following week.
–        Provide logistics if needed.